Healthcare Consultancy

Shark Business consultancy is the first healthcare facility licensing management company that provides support to the national healthcare authority of Qatar in terms of facility licencing all the way from the initial assessment to the final assessment, healthcare medical practitioner licenses that include reviewing their credentials and documentation, application from pharmacy narcotic drugs, radiation license, quality management, professional development, Learning Development, and Project Management Services that provide an all-in-one requirement for a company that is eternal and does not have any boundaries. To discover areas that could benefit from improvement and expansion, we provide a comprehensive evaluation. The comprehensive plan that we have developed for the project contains well-defined goals, timetables, a cost analysis, and an organized schedule. Taking this individualized strategy guarantees a more streamlined path to achievement.

Our consultants have more than twenty years of expertise in the field of healthcare consulting, as well as in integrated management systems ISO Certified Lead Auditors and facility management systems. They also have an in-depth understanding of certifications issued by JCI, ACI, HAAD, and Qatar National Regulations. Rely on our professionals to provide you with individualized training and direction that is precisely suited to the requirements of your organization. In order for your team to achieve success, we provide them with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve compliance, best practices, and process optimisation.

With its headquarters in Qatar, Shark Healthcare advisory comes in achieving concrete, high-impact results, our clients rely on our industry, analytical, and strategic business insights that are among the finest in the industry. By applying a rigorous approach to each and every one of our projects, we help to ensure that our clients experience successful growth and an increase in shareholder value.