We are excited to share significant news from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry that promises to revolutionize the business landscape in Qatar. Under the leadership of His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad bin Qassim Al Thani, Minister of Commerce and Industry, the ministry has issued Ministerial Decision No. (60) of 2024, mandating a substantial reduction in service fees. This reduction, which can exceed 90% for certain services, is set to foster economic growth and create a more inviting environment for both national and foreign enterprises.

A Strategic Move for Economic Diversification and Growth

The new decision aligns with the objectives of the Third National Development Strategy (2024-2030), which aims to achieve sustainable economic growth and diversification, in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030. By reducing service fees, the ministry is not only supporting existing businesses but also encouraging the establishment of new ventures, thereby contributing to a vibrant and dynamic economic ecosystem.

Benefits for National Enterprises

His Excellency emphasized that this fee reduction will significantly benefit national enterprises and entrepreneurs. By lowering the cost of obtaining high-quality services, the decision enhances the competitiveness of local businesses and provides substantial support for new enterprises. This initiative is designed to facilitate easier access to essential business services, thereby encouraging entrepreneurs and investors to expand their operations across various sectors.

Attracting Foreign Investments

A key aspect of this initiative is its potential to attract foreign investments. By creating a more flexible and appealing business environment, Qatar aims to draw in international investors, thus boosting the role of the private sector in achieving economic diversification. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry remains committed to enhancing its service offerings to provide an exceptional experience for both local and international stakeholders.

Comprehensive Fee Reductions Across Multiple Sectors

Following a thorough evaluation of business environment requirements and investor needs, the ministry has implemented fee reductions across all its sectors, including Commerce, Industry & Business Development, and Consumer Affairs. Services affected by this decision include commercial registration, commercial licenses, commercial agents’ registry, corporate services, investment business services, auditors, intellectual property rights, industrial development, and quality licenses.

For instance, the fee for obtaining a new commercial registration or license has been reduced to just QAR 500, a move aimed at significantly lowering the barriers to starting new commercial ventures in the country. This is expected to have a positive impact on the market, particularly in the areas of company formation and the issuance of commercial registrations and licenses.


At Shark Business Consulting, we are optimistic about the positive impact this ministerial decision will have on the business community in Qatar. By significantly reducing service fees, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry is taking a bold step towards enhancing Qatar's attractiveness as an investment destination. We look forward to supporting both local and international clients in navigating this new, more accessible business landscape.

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