Renowned London-based designer Rani Ahluwalia has joined forces with Shark Tank India entrepreneur Ashutosh Roy to introduce a chic and budget-friendly global fashion brand, Offmint. The collaboration aims to redefine the accessibility of premier fashion for customers around the world.

"Teaming up with Ashutosh Roy will revolutionize how customers experience stylish and affordable fashion. Our partnership brings together quality assurance and global fashion expertise, propelling the growth of our new venture," shares Rani Ahluwalia, the designer behind London’s esteemed interior design company, Key Interior.

Ashutosh Roy, former Founder of Gavin Paris, a brand featured on Shark Tank India Season 2, expresses confidence in the collaboration. "Under Mrs. Rani Ahluwalia's leadership, we're set to deliver the best to our customers. Our shared passion for style and comfort strengthens the foundation of our partnership, making authentic fashion accessible for every pocket."

Offmint showcases a diverse range of stylish and budget-friendly clothing for men, women, and children, along with accessories. Currently establishing a strong presence in London and Canada, the brand has ambitious plans to expand operations in India, Dubai, the UK, Canada, and the USA, aiming to become a one-stop-shop for family fashion in the coming months. An offline store is also on the horizon, slated for launch next year.

The brand's commitment to making premier fashion accessible is evident through its online platform, catering to global shoppers with quality products at competitive rates. Offmint is now live on its website, featuring over a thousand SKUs. As part of its expansion strategy, the company plans to invest 10 million USD in India during its initial phase.

About Rani Ahluwalia:

Rani Ahluwalia is a London-based designer and interior architect, renowned for her work with London’s most reputed design company, Key Interior And Designs UK. With a passion for design and comfort, she has left her mark on prestigious hotels like Marriot and Hilton.

About Ashutosh Roy:

Ashutosh Roy, the Ex-Founder of Gavin Paris, made waves on Shark Tank India Season 2 with his streetwear fashion brand. Passionate about technology, marketing, and user understanding, he is set to bring his expertise to the forefront in the collaboration with Offmint.

Offmint's unique blend of style, affordability, and global influence promises a revolutionary approach to fashion, making quality clothing accessible to all.